Give a little – and get a little…. fleas?

I had fleas. They bit everyone apart from me ironically. My wife is not impressed. And it cost me 1000 LE to fumigate my house. I got them from some people I recently met. I recently went as part of a convoy to a place called Beni Suef where I witnessed some of the poorest… Read more »

Now here’s a tip – avoid the disease

I waited ages for my water yesterday. There was no shortage. No…. I was not at home, I was at the Metro. The Metro is a grocery shop chain. French origin I think. It was late. My wife sent me to get a few bits; eggs, bread and a frozen chicken, oh and of course… Read more »

Picture Gallery

What with work, family, my charity work (music production), learning to speak Arabic and Tajweed (reading Qu’ran in Arabic) and all the rest of my hectic but enjoyable schedule, I am finding it hard to publish as often as I would like. I do have a backlog of articles mind you. Please do keep coming… Read more »