Is it safe to move to Egypt?

Apart from asking where I am (ie – you lazy git, so-called blogger – where are the blog posts?) most of the emails I’ve received from readers lately have contained the question – ‘is it safe to come to Egypt?’. Well in a word…..depends.

And on to Libya….follow me #Feb17

Where have you been? Where are the posts? Are you ok?….It’s so nice to recieve these emails from subscribers, yes I am fine thank God I am just dandy. My efforts have been put into Libya and work here in Egypt and thus I have not had as much time as I would like to… Read more »

Nobody Move – Nobody Get Hurt #Jan25

I seem to be quoting a lot of Hip Hop lately – I’m not sure why, as soon as I wanted a title for this post about the current restrictions for foreigners in Cairo, this track by Eazy_E (NWA) came to mind. I’m fine – as long as I don’t go anywhere. It seems, just… Read more »